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Difference between 2bhk and 1bhk flat in borivali east.

It can be quite overwhelming – this confusion between investing in a 1bhk or a 2bhk flat in Mumbai. The two are different from each other in many ways.  Buying 2bhk or 1bhk flat in Borivali East must be totally dependent upon buyers’ present requirements and future plans. As first time buyer, one may prefer the 1BHK as it is easier on the pockets with its purchase cost as well as associated costs. Also, investing in a 1BHK can give the buyer some breathing time until he is better able to invest in a bigger flat in Borivali.Some interesting differences between the two which may help your buying decision -
Cost of the property

The cost of the property matters to every homebuyer. If buyers have decided to purchase 1bhk flat in Borivali East then they spend considerably lesser as compared to 2bhk flats. Also, a 1 BHK flat is easier to sell than a 2 BHK. 

Cost for maintenance

Since the 1bhk property is small as compared to 2bhk, property tax would be less. It also requires very less maintenance cost due to the smaller size. 

Loan factor

Loans are easier to avail on a 1bhk thanks to smaller amount as compare to the cost of a 2BHK. This causes less stress on the investor as compared to a buyer with a heavy interest amount to pay.

Renting Out

A 1bhk flat in Borivali East is likely to attract tenants quicker and more frequently than a 2BHK due to many reasons. It is ideal for many people who move to Mumbai for their job or studies, new families and young families with kids.  The space is sufficient for such persons and the rent amount being reasonable works to their advantage. 


1bhk flats in Borivali East are more commonly found and preferred than 2BHK flats. Nowadays reputed builders have turned their focus to affordable housing with a focus on 1bhk flats in Borivali East. These flats are modern, well equipped and have all facilities required for easy living.

While space is definitely less as compared to a 2BHK, investing in a 1BHK flat in Borivali East is quite practical with respect to certain budgets and very much convenient given all the modern amenities in the budgeted flats in borivali. Not to forget, the locality is well connected and provides the residents with ease of travel and all the conveniences for a modern lifestyle, like malls, hospitals, and schools, banks, shopping complexes, restaurants and more. Also the locality is closer to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which hosts a huge cover of greenery believed to be beneficial for the health. 

Among the developers who are creating modern and affordable homes in Borivali East is Paradigm Realty with the project called Ariana Residency.  Buyers must gather enough information about various properties before arriving at a decision. It is wise to make an informed decision rather than invest in haste or based on less data.